Square Wave & Night Raptor Partnership T-Shirt Giveaway!

Hello everyone! To celebrate the release of the EP, I have partnered with Square Wave Clothing to promote the upcoming release with an awesome giveaway! Square Wave are a clothing line inspired by 80s culture and nostalgia.They are an amazing company that works closely with musicians to make their dream shirts a reality!

To participate in the giveaway is simple. All you have to do is become a subscriber to my Night Raptor Newsletter. You can fine the subscribe button below!

Then on March 30, I will randomly select a subscriber and announce the winner on social media. I will contact them via email to get all the info so that they can receive this awesome T-Shirt!


Night Raptor EP Cover Art Revealed!

My dearest friend Folgar has some really impressive artwork he has created for this release. It really inspires and motivates me when ever I look upon its glorious design. He is definitely a part of Night Raptor and its sound, even if it is indirectly. The imagery he has produced is just astounding and goes so well with what I have planned for this EP and more in the future. 

Thank you my friend, your work is beautiful and awesome.

Here is his masterful cover art of the Night Raptor EP!

NR (1) - SKull & Logo [300].jpg

Interstellar Vault Makes Flashback Official Music Video

I was contacted by Interstellar Vault a while ago for my permission to create a music video for the single "Flashback". I did not hesitate and approved the project and when the finished product was posted I was amazed by the quality of it all. There is some real talent with this channel and I see a bright future ahead of them. It is quite refreshing when I watch a Synthwave music video and it has actual motion pictures in it. the movement really adds to the emotion of the whole piece as a whole.

So please watch the video and support this awesome channel on Youtube! They have more cool videos on there you should check out. The link can be found below.

Thank You Echosynthetic!

Echosynthetic is Atlanta's source on Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, New Wave, SynthWave, and every other sub-genre of electronic music. They have a write up about Flashback and say very nice things about my future in Synthwave.  

These are the kind of things that motivate and inspire my work and give them a new sense of being, a new purpose. I started making music for my own expression and creative outlet. Sharing it with the world so that they can maybe have a similar experience to mine or make up their own is icing on the musical cake. I hope that my music transports the listener to another time and place. One that has them laying on the sands of time hearing the neon waves crash against the shores with emotion and nostalgia.

Any way, you should check out the post and all the other cool stuff on the Echosynthetic site.The link is located below.