Thank You Echosynthetic!

Echosynthetic is Atlanta's source on Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, New Wave, SynthWave, and every other sub-genre of electronic music. They have a write up about Flashback and say very nice things about my future in Synthwave.  

These are the kind of things that motivate and inspire my work and give them a new sense of being, a new purpose. I started making music for my own expression and creative outlet. Sharing it with the world so that they can maybe have a similar experience to mine or make up their own is icing on the musical cake. I hope that my music transports the listener to another time and place. One that has them laying on the sands of time hearing the neon waves crash against the shores with emotion and nostalgia.

Any way, you should check out the post and all the other cool stuff on the Echosynthetic site.The link is located below.